Facebook Feature CFM

Facebook this week published a case study about CFM and our results with the brilliant club, Body and Soul 24/7 in Ballarat. 

Body and Soul is run by Mel Tempest who has continually shown genuine care to her members to grow her club from strength to strength. 

CFM have now partnered with Mel to run 8 separate campaigns, selling 1822 long term memberships, and will run their 9th campaign in March 2019.


The most recent campaign, in August 2018, with CFM’ers Grace Henskes and Jake Partridge, joined 290 new long term memberships, including a record 79 in one day.  

Social Media was a driving force behind this success with videos, statics, live videos, and events motivating the public through every social media channel.  Due to this we were incredibly lucky to be contacted by Facebook to feature the 2018 campaign in a Facebook Case Study on their website.  

Check out what Facebook had to say about the 2018 CFM campaign at Body and Soul 24/7 in Ballarat;