Controversial Changes to iOS14 Late last year, Apple announced a (soon-to-be-released) policy update to iOS14. Keeping it simple, this update means iOS14 device users must give permission to Apps to track their activity on apps and websites.  Facebook have strongly...
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On the 16th of July, in 2020, Creative Fitness Marketing and Fitness Now in Manukau in New Zealand got 108 long-term memberships in ONE DAY. That's the second biggest day in CFM's 30 year history. 
But how did that happen?
How in the middle of a pandemic, did Creative Fitness Marketing and Fitness Now get 108 long-term memberships in one day?
That's what we need to look at.
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The Australian gym partnered with Creative Fitness Marketing and embarked on a campaign to reach out to nearby residents with its video ads for an open house event, achieving a 34X return on ad spend.
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