What's to love about CFM?

What do I love about CFM? I could sit here and rattle off a list of reasons until I’m blue in the face but the more that I think about this, the more one thing becomes apparent to me. I love CFM for 3 main reasons, these are also the three main pillars I believe that CFM is built on and why it has stood the test of time.


Would have to be the sense of family and community that CFM brings to the table. Us, the on-road staff spend 10 months a year away from our friends and family and one of the main things that keeps us sane during this time is the fact that we have each other. Our colleagues fill the void of the family and friends that we leave at home. They are the ones who toast to our success when we reach new heights but more importantly they are the soothing voices that we hear on the other side of the phone when things are not going our way. They are the ones that tag you in memes that make you laugh at inappropriate times. It is this sense of family that makes you want to fly from Sydney to the South Island in NZ for one night to celebrate another team member’s “63rd” birthday. That same sense of family makes flying from Perth to Melbourne for two nights to see the crew a no brainer. This sense of community is what brings us back year after year, even when we think we are running on empty.

CFM awards party 2017


Is without a doubt the integrity that each and every CFM employee shows. From the Telemarketing team that calls the communities we are working in for hours on end to the Marketing Managers and Sales Consultants on the road. Let me take you back to my very first shift working for CFM as a Telemarketer. I had already been calling for 20 minutes and had only talked to a handful of people, all of which had hung up on me before I had finished my second sentence. I make another call, not fazed at all by the amount of rejections I had already received. As I introduce myself and say what gym I’m calling from a male’s voice interrupts me and quite rudely tells me if I every call this number again he would put me in hospital. Now I’m not sure what it was about what this man said that really triggered me but all I wanted to do was tell him to bugger off, but of course I held my breath told the man I was sorry and that I’d take his number off our call list and hung up on the call. In hindsight, I could have easily given him the same treatment that he gave me but by putting the Gym’s name and reputation before my own pride I continued calling and held my tongue. The same goes with the on-road staff. They are always putting their best foot forward and continuously put the clubs before themselves. From staying back an hour to wait for a prospect to come to an appointment because they had to work late, to waking up at 6am to get to the gym at 7:30 on Open Day to make sure the day runs perfectly.  


Is the belief that everyone has for

  1. The product we are selling and
  2. For the independent club owners, who are some of the best people in the world.

Let’s take a step back and talk about the product we are selling. We are not just going around and telling people we can get them ripped in 6 weeks and looking like Arnold in the 70’s. No, what we do is tell them the truth. That this is a journey, that yes getting to your goal will take time and you may even have to make sacrifices or step out of your comfort zone. When we do help you reach that goal we won’t just leave you. We believe in long term fitness and maintaining the results you achieve. That means ongoing reassessments and true long lasting care. It also means asking the tough questions that, yes, can be uncomfortable but more often than not are necessary. We believe in independent club owners because time and time again they show the communities they are in that they truly do care.    

For these reasons and so many more, this is why I love CFM.


written by Sammy Gilham CFM Marketing Manager

Sammy Gilham is a CFM Marketing Manager and 2017 Sales consultant of the year and Excellence award winner. Sammy started working for CFM in 2016 in the CFM Call Centre before progressing to Sales Consultant and now Marketing Manager. Sammy’s enthusiasm and love for independent clubs and the non active segment is infectious.


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