5 Keys To Help Improve Your EDM Game

How one simple new style EDM created 14 appointments to the CFM campaign at CREO Pukekoe…Here are 5 keys to help your EDM Fitness Marketing

With Covid we were able to focus on 2 key things. 

  1. Scrutinise every campaign expense and return to ensure when our campaign started back that campaign costs were cut by 20% and
  2. Market companies in other industries and bring back learnings to our fitness campaigns.

With the latter we are very lucky to market some great companies. Surfing Victoria, Surf Better Now, Lee Garrett, Osun Sparkling, Train3d to name just a few. One constant that stood out to us, was just how well a really well made EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) performed. 

Of course we have utilised EDM’s for our campaigns before, but definitely not to this level.

Trialling different types, and our results exploded once we got it right. Including 14 appointments in 2 hours at CREO in Pukekoe.

Email marketing has many advantages and when executed well, can leverage sales, generate new customers and help in their retention. EDM marketing however is more complex than just sending an email. It encompasses multiple media channels and integrates various forms of marketing strategies to become a more comprehensive and targeted marketing campaign. 

We found there were 5 keys to the best response for a fitness based EDM


By far the biggest key to success was the moving image. A gif or equivalent respond far better than any still image or text. It cut through the clutter and clearly had the best click through rate.


It sounds basic, and it is, but still the timing of the email hitting your target market is crucial.


Another super simple tip is with the amount of emails received, resending it to the non-openers doesn’t upset the database, but always gives a second kick to the responders. 


For fitness specifically, creating action from the EDM is the challenge. Without the ease of online impulse purchases, we found that the best way to communicate and motivate our demographic was to create a click through on our EDM’s directly to our communication method of choice, Messenger. 


For us we created 3 separate EDM’s. One for expired members, motivating them to come back. One for newly acquired members who joined throughout our campaign. And One to long term existing members which was more newsletter based, thanking them, and offering them rewards in other ways.


Remember to always design your email for mobile viewing. According to a 2018 Statista study, 50% of all email was opened on a mobile device and that number is growing. Emmy Robertson CFM Senior Designer


Back to CFM, and now multiple creative, moving image EDM’s are a part of the multifaceted marketing that any campaign brings to your club. The key with successful marketing campaigns is motivating the non-active segment of your market


Liam Robertson Managing Director CFM Australia & New Zealand


If you want to chat about a multifaceted marketing campaign fully funded by CFM, there has never been a better time.  Give your cashflow a post COvid boost with no outlay whatsoever. 

 Need more proof of how CFM campaigns work in our 30th year, see how Fosfit in Casino liked their 2020 CFM campaign;


FOSFIT – Nick and Jemma – Casino NSW