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4 Things Your Business Can Be Doing Post COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on small businesses across Australia and New Zealand has been heart-breaking. Being forced to shut doors almost immediately, for an extended period of time, with a lot of fear and confusion over when things will ‘return to normal’.  

Thankfully, Social Media offers a beacon of hope! Serving as an extremely useful and accessible tool to help businesses stay connected with their clients and potential clients, maintain brand awareness in their market and to share important information about their services and availability in uncertain times.

In April 2020 alone, 38% of Australians and 46% of New Zealanders reported a significant increase in their Social Media usage.[1] At the same time Italy saw a 70% increase. [1]  Meaning, during this time people have been on Social Media more than ever.  A trend that is expected to have a lasting affect as people’s entertainment and media consumption habits change.

 1. Go Live

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Instagram and Facebook Live video viewership doubled. 1 So with so many more people tuning in, it’s a great time to broadcast some live videos to target both current members and people within your community.

Live videos enact to open your doors virtually and help others to get to know the people behind the business. They are can also serve as both entertainment and information.

Some ideas for live videos Post Iso:

  • Use live videos to tour members and prospective members through your facilities, showing them how the space is set up to promote good hygiene and social distancing.
  • Have a regular live video ‘check in’ each week, to share with members and prospective members how things are going as restrictions ease back. Include interviews with happy and active members who are back in and working out and all the better for it! 
  • Use live videos to advocated for health and facilities to be open. Show people exactly how these facilities are safe and hygienic places to be and unlike many public places like shopping centres that they are most likely frequenting.


2. Tell Your Story 

While Social Media consumption has increased significantly, use this time to create content that is engaging and entertaining and connects with people. They say ‘behind every small business is a family’, but do people really know who it is that makes up your business?

Legendary entrepreneur and Social Media guru Gary Vaynerchuck (@garyvee) said this time is for ‘sitting around the internet campfire and telling your story’. So create content that tells people who and what makes up your business. 




  • Tell people why you started or got into your business.
  • Tell people how you got there.
  • Tell people your future goals and aspirations.
  • Share with people your challenges, failures and wins.
  • Explain to people why you love what you do.
  • Show people who makes up your business, and that as a member of your service that they are supporting the livelihoods of all of the people connected with your business.


3. Connect Via Messenger 

COVID-19 saw unprecedented jump in messages on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, with a 50% increase across their messaging platforms.[2] [3] The combination of greater Social Media usage and a reluctance to ‘go out’ for non-essential trips has created the great ‘messenger storm’ for businesses. People are more likely to connect with businesses now via Social Media messaging services than they have in the past.


So ensure that your business is easily accessible via messenger.

  • Run Messenger objective ads, including standard Messenger ads as well as Sponsored Message ads. 
  • Include the Message button on all posts. 
  • Be cautious with auto reply messages, ensure they are still human and not robotic so people know they are connecting with real humans and a real business.
  • Ensure your response time is fast. Keep an eye on this statistics via your Insights Page (link to this page located on the top menu bar when you access your Business page). There is a strong correlation between responsiveness and successful business outcomes.[4]


4. Your Business Is More Important Than Ever

Most importantly, don’t lose hope. Your business is more important and more relevant to the people in your community than ever before. Sadly, mental health is a huge and growing concern with one quarter of Australians reporting that they have suffered from anxiety due to COVID-19.[5] And women have reported significantly greater levels of insomnia, anxiety, over-eating and under-exercising during this time. [5]

The people in your community need you. They need your services and support and they need motivating, safe and hygienic spaces where they can work towards being the most happy and healthy version of themselves!


written by Hannah Robertson, CFM Digital Marketing Manager 


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