Hi, Welcome to CFM.

Before we go any further, we'd better tell you a little bit about ourselves.


Creative Fitness Marketing has been helping independent fitness clubs in every corner of Australia & New Zealand for 31 years, so we think it’s safe to say we have an industry leading understanding of the fitness industry, with a core understanding of the fact that no two businesses or markets are the same.

It is not just this understanding that has allowed us to stay on top of the fitness industry for over three decades, but also the genuine care we put into each and every club we work with. Reputation is absolutely paramount in this industry, and while we have added 163 members on average to each of the clubs we have worked with in the most recent calendar year, we put a huge focus on current member satisfaction as well as your club's brand in your community.

We know the amount of work it takes to build up your business and create the unique environments that makes your club special, to create an environment that welcomes those who may be stepping foot into the gym for the first time - we see this every single day on the ground in the gyms we work with. Having a team on the ground in your club, we learn about the intangibles, your members, the community, things that aren’t able to be communicated without coming to your club and experiencing it ourselves.

It is this hard work done by you, the club owner, that motivates the fire inside of us each day to make sure that as we are boosting your membership base, every individual in your community will be made aware of your brand, and the unique things that make your club special in it's own way. We prioritise this brand awareness just as much as boosting your membership base and this is what shapes us at CFM - we care. 

Now we’re sure at this point you have questions about howexactly we have such fantastic relationships with the clubs we work with, and how we have an average of over $100,000 in bottom line profit direct to the clubs we work with in our five week campaigns throughout a pandemic, howwe average 163 new members per campaign in the same period and most importantly: how do we do this with our clients not having to spend a single cent.

The answer to this is our industry leading team coming together to use our internal graphic design department, social media team, our relationship with Facebook that has seen our director Liam present at Facebook’s very own events and shouted out on the official Facebook page, and our famous on-road staff that travel around Australia & New Zealand helping independent clubs all year round that truly epitomise everything that CFM stands for.

We don’t like to brag, so feel free to check out some club owner testimonies here to hear about clubs CFM has helped and if you’re wanting to learn more, please get in touch with one of our awesome Business Development Managers here