The Power Of The Pixel- Retargeted Marketing

The benefits of driving potential members to your website is well understood amongst the majority of Health Clubs and their marketers. Many of these websites also boast data capturing techniques such as subscribing to newsletters, emails or free passes, which are useful and recommended.


These techniques are valuable and are highly endorsed in a now more than ever competitive environment. However, how many people visit your website and get busy? Their phone rings, they arrive at their designation and finish what they were doing without taking action. The average conversion rate is 2.35%, yet the top 25% of websites are converting at over 5%, leaving lots of room for improvement and ultimately room for more sales.


Many clubs are missing the final link of retargeted marketing. What if you could continue to market to anyone who visited your website? These are the people who are ready to buy, they just need to be reminded and you need to get in front of them again with your brand.


Here comes the Facebook Pixel and firstly, if you’re not using it, you should. A pixel is coded into your website which allows you to then retarget visitors via Facebook for the following 30 days. What a tool!




The pixel number is created in the Ads Manager portal of Facebook and then coded into your website. Once these steps are complete, ads can be created to target the pixel audience (your website visitors).




These ads should be of the ‘call-to-action’ nature’, rather than branding and awareness for when prospects hit the buying stage. These prospects are ready, they have already been to your website. Remember this when creating your advert content.


In an age where the majority us are using the web for information sourcing, clubs needs to be proactive in their targeting to maximize the capture of demand. The pixel is an important link to assist in the information gathering stage of the buying process. Clubs owe it the person who dropped into their website with a need to be healthier and live a better life. Now remind them you can help them do so.



Ben Revitt is the Business Development Manager of CFM Memberdrive- Australia and New Zealand. For over 26 years, CFM have provided a marketing solution to increase the membership base, monthly cash flow and ultimately improve the profitability of health clubs around the world. Ben has worked as a fitness marketing professional for over 9 years and can be contacted at