How is fitness marketing being received after COVID. A first-hand account after week one in NZ.

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So many unknowns as gyms re-start across Australia and New Zealand.  Are the non-active segment of our communities ready to be motivated to a better, healthier life?  Will they be lining up to re-join our clubs?

We took the plunge and started in two towns in New Zealand last week.

The Monday public holiday there didn’t help out with the nerves.  But our first weekend brought in 30 messages and over 15 appointments which is right on average.

Day one ended on 11 sales at CREO, which is actually slightly above average.

After 6 days it had had over 1200 clicks, and 46 new message conversations.

After the full first week the campaign is flying projecting over 200 new members.

An incredible 56 sales on their open day, 9 days into the campaign.

The outlook for marketing post Covid is as solid as ever.  It seems the locals in New Zealand were ready to get out, ready to put their health and fitness back as a priority and we asked some of the frequently asked questions we’d had to one of our men on the ground there, here is Joe Bailey, Marketing Manager at CFM’s take on the atmosphere and marketing and sales impact of Covid during the restart;

So excited to have you back Joe, how is it to be back?

It’s just amazing to be back doing what we love, when you are gone you have time to reflect and realise what a great job you have and Industry we are in!


Of the 40 plus that you’ve seen already, How many potential clients have mentioned Covid-19?

Only two clients have mentioned Covid in a negative manor, one said they might be selling their house due to Covid so didn’t want to commit long term and the other said “what would happen if there was another outbreak”. Obviously we speak about Covid during consults to build rapport but that is in a positive light and can be advantageous as prospects wants to get active after being confined indoors for a long period, it’s almost as if they now realise more than ever how important health and fitness is.

In fact, we have already had a few that have joined that have mentioned their reasons for starting their fitness journey was a result of being forced to sit home and realising how important their health is.


How is the gym running different to normal?

The gyms are running normally the only difference being there is higher emphasis on hygiene and the easily adherable 2 meter rule.  But is completely fine.


How is the energy and vibe in the club different to normal?

The energy at the club is getting back to normal, classes are starting to fill and personal trainers are beginning to welcome back clients. Staff morale is good and everyone is looking forward.   

How is touring and selling different?

Touring and selling is no different if anything there is more desire to gain and emotion for us to extract from our prospects. Obviously we are taking hygiene measures like no handshakes and are not sitting right on top of our prospects but other than that the fundamentals of a successful tour remain the same.


There is no doubt that as an industry we have been hit as hard as anyone.  But after a full week of our marketing and sales start back, we at CFM are really buoyed to see that people still want to use our facilities.  They are still responding to marketing, and are still joining.  But who wouldn’t want to be healthier and fitter?  It’s good to be back doing what we love!


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