How We Adapt: Viral marketing

In 2020, we began to shift our presence online more than ever, resulting in campaigns being more profitable than ever. We bet you’re wondering how we have done this, so let us dip in to one of the key tactics that has allowed us to help separate independent clubs like yours from the pack: Viral Marketing.

Viral Marketing is a technique that uses word-of-mouth and social media sharing to further the message of your brand beyond your initial social media followers and into your community. Through three case studies you can find below, you can see how CFM has used parody videos to generate viral content in the communities we work in, and as well we share some techniques that you can take on and implement into your own clubs social media.


Fresh Body Fitness, Griffith, NSW. The Fresh Prince of Griffith.

9.1k views  -  257 Engagements  -  Population 20,251  -  16 Direct Leads


You might recognize the rapper from this one as Sam Hoare, one of our Business Development Managers. This video is an example of mixing pop culture with your gyms own personal brand to further your message in the community. As can be also noted, the team features a number of local landmarks in the video, helping to resonate with local community and again, differentiate themselves from the pack and put Fresh Body’s brand front and centre around town.

Big River Gym, Grafton, NSW. Grease Parody.

13.1k views  -  166 Engagements  -  Population 19,078  -  11 Direct Leads.


Big River Gym viral marketing


This video went viral in the town of Grafton, even doing a run in the local media, which was a testament to the sheer popularity of the video in the town. Big River Gym is a club that prides itself on its sense of community and welcoming atmosphere, so this was an example of a video with the aim of communicating these things the club does especially well to the community. With 13.1k views, it is sure to say that the people of Grafton now have Big River Gym placed at the forefront of their mind when it comes to fitness clubs in the region. 


Yeppoon Health & Fitness, QLD. YHFC: Make That Workout Game Weak!

7.1k views  -  280 Engagement  -  Population 19,003  -  15 Direct Leads

280 engagements are a clear indicator of the popularity of this video in Yeppoon. This is a clear example of the team using current pop culture references to create massive engagement in the community. The girls were able to capitalize on a popular song in the charts at the time, parodying the song and seeing huge results due to the current relevance of their marketing.


How can this help you?

We have been going above and beyond for club owners like yourselves for 30 years, and as a result have become experts in separating your brand from the pack. So, if you’re looking to give your brand a boost in 2021 with no outlay and of course no risk, feel free to give one of our Business Development Managers a call.