Social Media Marketing @ CFM

A frequently asked question is how our Social Media department and strategy has evolved over time to be so strong today. 

CFM’s social media marketing plan consists of radius based local awareness adverts, targeted local awareness adverts, traffic adverts, messenger adverts, lead generation adverts, boosted posts, events, live streaming and re-targeted adverts based off both website and Facebook pixels. 

These adverts are a mixture of professional videos and images pushing the clubs USP’s, inspiring images and quotes, and local videos and images made at the club itself. The local videos utilize current members, club staff and local identities with a mixture of humour and emotion and are designed to build your brand and engage your local community.

The social media department analyse the results of these ads daily, adapting the strategy based off each advert’s Facebook score, frequency, reach and click through ratio.   

Proven over the last 5 years, but more successful than ever, CFM’s social media approach delivers results with new members, more followers and likes for future posts and a legacy of quality lasting content for your club.

“CFM social media was the most effective, with one video having over 10,000 views.” Rebecca Proude, Lifestyle 24/7, Hervey Bay, QLD.

“CFM’s social media marketing was brilliant!” Adam Wilson, Active Health Club, Edge Hill, QLD.

“CFM’s social media was great, we picked up an extra 300 likes on our Facebook page.” Dylan Walker, Totally Fit, Wallan, VIC.

“My favourite things was the Social Media videos and fun that it brought.  The FB Videos and Instgram posts were brilliant.  We got lots of comments from other retailers in town about it all too” Vanessa Ross, Total Body Fitness, Gore, NZ.

“CFM’s social media was fun and engaging, they were adding value and engaging with people and not just selling.” Natalie Thomas, Hub Total Fitness, Gladstone, QLD.

“CFM’s social media was absolutely phenomenal, its been a real eye opener for us as to how well its gone and how much we need to jump on board and learn more about it.” Lyndsey Reid, Warkworth, NZ. 

written by Liam Robertson, Director of CFM

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