The Anatomy of 103 Members in a Single Day

  • by CFM
  • 4 min read

103 members in a single day. The Australian single day record after 31 years. One very happy club. A buzzing community.

Impressive numbers I’m sure we would all agree, and while the big day was the icing on the cake, perhaps the most impressive part of this is the process that led to such a fantastic result, and the current industry conditions we find ourselves in that make something like this possible.

From all of us at CFM, we felt as though it was important to share this with the entire fitness industry, not only because of how proud we are for Elite Training Centre and the entire team at CFM that played a part in orchestrating what occurred last week, but for us to show what is possible, and how positive the outlook is looking for the fitness industry over the near future. 

So let’s take a deep dive into exactly how this result transpired, and what lessons there are to take away from it. Firstly and most importantly, at CFM we work with clubs who share the same values as us, and Elite Training Centre is no different, with club owner Johnny working tirelessly to create an environment that people in the Geelong community feel comfortable attending, no matter their fitness level or experience. Club owners like Johnny exemplify everything that is great about this fantastic industry - which is creating member first environments, and helping the inactive segment of our communities make fitness a part of their lifestyle. Seeing those lifestyles change for the better with the help of caring club owners all over Australia & New Zealand, this is the core focus behind everything CFM does, helping not only the clubs, but the communities they work in. And what this 103 member day shows us is that the communities we work in are ready to get back into the gym once again!

Now we can look just at what exactly CFM has done to put Elite Training Centre front and centre in the local community. Looking at the numbers, in just a single day, CFM managed to generate the following for this club on digital avenues alone:


  • 58,312 people reached with our marketing (20% of the entire population of Geelong)
  • 36,347 post engagements on their social media channels
  • 125 new message conversation starts (direct new leads)
  • 244,753(!) impressions (total exposures to the marketing campaign on the day)
  • Over $20,000 in cash taken
  • Over $230,000 in gross sales 

These are of course some incredible numbers, and they are a result of over 30 years of tried and tested fitness marketing that CFM has run all over the continent. We combine traditional processes with a very modern touch, with our internal graphic design team creating world-class videos, and our in-house social media team using strategic deployment to maximise the reach of this content. 

Combining this first rate digital approach with the buzz of our industry leading event marketing in the form of our open days, and the extreme hard work of our on-road staff who are at the gym on the day facilitating everything on the ground, is how CFM breaks through the pack and importantly, helps 103 individuals on a single day get started to a happier and healthier life.

Our Head of Digital Hannah Robertson took the time to break down the inner workings of the incredible day:

“Having the open day run in the third week of the CFM campaign allowed for us to build Elite Training Centre’s affinity score to a point in which we could achieve maximum momentum on the big day, and in turn lead to the 103 sales. We can look at the affinity score, which is essentially a Facebook driven score assigned to every Facebook Page, just like a computer game, where investment into deployment, post engagements and views all generate points to this affinity score, which in turn increases the potential reach of our advertisements and posts around the day. Due to the previous three weeks in which we created multiple engaging videos about Johnny, his staff and club members, this meant that the affinity score was soaring and allowed for us to reach such a large audience - 20% of the entire population of Geelong in a single day. The day is a real credit to the quality videos created by our graphics department and team on the ground as well as of course the willingness of the Elite Training Centre team to embrace the campaign.”

If anything, we want to send a message to club owners all over Australia & New Zealand that the fitness industry is back, and perhaps never been healthier than right now with so many people putting value on their health and fitness in the world we find ourselves in today! Wishing everybody a happy holiday season and a fantastic 2022 - let’s carry on this momentum and always, feel free to reach out to hear about how CFM can tailor our marketing to your specific community and give your club the energy it deserves heading into the new year!


written by Sam Hoare, CFM Business Development Manager.