4 Key Open Day Secrets

Open Days are high effort, high energy and now more than ever are guaranteed of success if the marketing build up is multi-faceted and powerful.  Here are 4 key secrets from 2017’s CFM Open Days from across Australia and New Zealand.


1 - Theme and Commitment

Themed events, whilst the concept is older than CFM’s 27 years it’s success rate hasn’t waned.  From Christmas in July, to Tropical, Football, Basketball, Super Hero, they all continue to work, especially when everyone is 100% committed.  Games and challenges have never been easier to promote with the use of live feeds on our social media channels.  Bouncy castles, DJ’s, face painting are really basic ways that set the tone for a great day.

CFM open days

  2 - Multi-faceted Marketing

To promote it – Over the years, through the boom of Telemarketing, to Flyers, Newspaper, TV, Radio, and now Social Media, the biggest lesson we’ve learnt is if one medium is done on its own it simply doesn’t have the impact.  Whilst we can use less of the older styles of marketing, a proper multi-facted approach to pushing your Open Day far exceeds one stream pushed.  The signage, corporate outreach, and local awareness through Buzz and Guerrilla Marketing make’s any Social Media push real and tangible to your prospective members.  The tangibility of your Open Day will double your show rate and new member figures.

 3 - Social Media Event and Lead up

The social media content leading up needs to be consistent and involving.  Involve current members and don’t be afraid to ask for organic reach through shares, likes and importantly, attending or those interested in the Facebook Event.  Live events throughout the day are crucial to help the evening rush.  A tip on you social media content, use videos and put effort into them.  74% of all Social Media traffic are now Videos.  Professional Videos are a must.

    video will dominate the internet this year

    4 - Community Involvement

    Get local businesses involved, and benefiting with a small logo on all of your advertising.  The local stalls and businesses can offer trials, freebies and a small discount for the day, all done at your club during the day.  

    In 2017 to date at CFM, over 900 sales have been made during Open Days, at an average 32 per Day.  That’s 32 people who take the nerve-wracking plunge and commit to a healthier, happier life through a long-term membership, on top of the countless happy current members the atmosphere of the day delivers. 


    written by Liam Robertson, Director of CFM