Easy Way To Convert Facebook Followers Into Members

convert followers into members

Most Gyms and Health Clubs have a member to Facebook like ratio of about 5%-10%, that is for every 20 people that like your page, 1 of them is a member.

These people following your page are interested. They are aware they have a need to improve their health and fitness and potentially think that you just might be the place that can help them. These people are your easiest opportunity to grow your membership base, because they have brand awareness of you, a need for help and just require the final push to take the next step. We often pour thousands of dollars into creating more brand awareness, yet we don’t utilize the birds in hand and turn them into sales.

So how do we get the followers to come into the club, dip their toe into the water and use your facility? I’m going to run through one option of utilizing the successful offer of a 7 day free pass.

The traditional approach to getting out free passes is to print flyers or cards and distribute these by putting them on the counters of other local businesses, handing them out at Shopping Centres or giving them to local Sporting Clubs. This is effective, but some downsides are that its time consuming, costly to print and requires follow up and maintenance in order to be successful.

The easier and more effective option is to use Facebook to get the offer out to your followers for you. Once the offer is claimed, Facebook will even send an email to the prospect with the voucher. All they then need to do is present this to you at the Club, you collect their relevant information and away they go.

How To Do This?

  • Click ‘create an offer’ on your Facebook page
  • Set an expiry date
  • Load an existing or a new 7 day pass image. For the image, use something attractive, simple and relevant to your target market. Also note - Font must not be greater than 25% of the image size.
  • Select ‘Redeem in store’

So there it is, a successful way to stimulate the followers who need a greater incentive to join. This will get them into your club on a trial and the rest is up to you...


written by Ben Revitt CFM Head of Business Development

Ben Revitt has worked for CFM for over 10 years. In that time he has worked at over 60 clubs across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. With a Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing and social media, Ben has been the Head of Business Development at CFM since 2015.