Don’t let the Frequency rating of your ad get too high

A high frequency rating will cost you more than you need to spend, and it will annoy your local community. Don’t let your frequency of any one advert get above 1.9.


Don’t just Boost

Of course its great to boost your posts but it is absolutely not the best way to get your message out into the community. Each message requires a different approach but Local Awareness, Traffic and even Lead Generation adverts are a great starting point. 


Don’t ignore your competitions SM presence 

One of the greatest joys for Marketing Nerds (like those in the CFM offices) is the availability of amazing FB reports. Comparing posts, likes and especially engagement, comments and shares is a good starting point.

facebook advertising


Don’t be lazy with your imagery 

It is easy to grab a quote online and whack it up. But good quality local images or video’s of your members, staff, classes, and community will help your organic reach.  Run competitions for your members and staff to help create your content. If you do want a simple motivational quote use an app like Canva.



Don’t be slack on replying to messages

This is simple, the quicker you respond, the more referrals you will get in the long run, and the longer your members will stay.

Social media advertising infographic



Don’t expect your Social Media to be your saviour

in our industry we are motivating procrastinators. It actually makes marketing more strategic and enjoyable.  But it absolutely means that a multi-faceted approach is key.  Our prospects want ‘A SIGN’ to make the commit to join your club.  To create this we need an average of 7 touches.  That is buzz, guerrilla, community outreach all coupled with an ongoing social media approach.

written by Liam Robertson, Director CFM