What Drives Me?

Grace Henskes has worked with CFM since August 2015.  Since then she has optimised CFM’s culture and belief.  She is fun, driven and passionate about the industry.  Grace won the 2016 Anthony Charlton Consultants Choice award for her efforts in helping the de-condintioned market and independent club owners across Australia and New Zealand. Here is an article by Grace about her journey so far...


We go from Day 1 – Day 34, do about 6 – 7 promos a year, and there are countless contributing factors during this time that keep me motivated and driven to continue doing it over and over again.

From the excitement of being in a new place with new people, to the amazing support base backing each and every one of us, it is hard to pick just one thing that pushes me to try and be the best manager and on-roader I can possibly be.

But, there is one factor that does stand out, and that would be change.

First of all, it is extremely important to note that, yes, the travel is awesome. I love every new place I’ve visited, whether its small town Yarrawonga, or even-smaller-town Nanango. Even the fleeting time spent with friends in the city from which I so desperately tried to escape, Auckland, was amazing, but this is not the change I speak of.

The change I am talking about is the change in the people that walk through the doors of the gym each and every single time, day 1 – day 34, 6 – 7 promos a year.

My first ever promo was in Mackay, QLD, August 2015.

My most recent was in Yarrawonga, VIC, June 2017.

And in between there were many more.

And every single time I have met people between days 1 and 34 that made me love what I do and forget that what I am doing is my ‘work’.


I’ve cried, laughed, even cursed with people I have sat down with and made bonds that I will not forget.

I will not forget that within my first couple of weeks as a CFM Fitness Consultant I had a male that cried to me about his body. This job is so worthwhile. Why? I am helping this man build up his confidence to look in the mirror and like what he sees. I am helping him make a change.

I will not forget at the beginning of this year I cried with a lady who decided, because of CFM Promo a flyer in her letterbox, that her mental health IS important and she IS worth more. This job is SO worthwhile. Why? I am helping this woman build up her confidence to make the necessary steps in her life to feel happy again. I am helping her make a change.

I get told pretty often that this must be hard, being on the road. I get asked pretty often how I manage to do it, pack up and leave, not have a base.

The answer that really makes me enjoy being in gyms 50+, hours a week, day 1 – day 34, 6 – 7 promos a year, is that I see change happen in front of my eyes, and I get to watch people who once felt so low, feel so high and happy within themselves.


All of that started with us.

That’s all I need!


 written by Grace Henskes CFM Marketing Manager

Grace Henskes CFM Marketing Manager